First off– sometimes it’s fun to see how people find this blog.
One of the search terms used to find MCDP today was “ieeeeeeeeee.”

This was taken a couple days ago when it was still actually snowing. In an attempt to protect my camera from the elements, my right hand was serving as a roof/shelter for the camera in between shots (so the back of my hand was facing the sky). At some point, I noticed this lovely little design on the back of my glove and managed to take a photo of it.

So I took a macro photo of my right hand without the assistance of a tripod.

Remember, kids, the shutter button is on the right side of the camera.

Don’t try this at home.

finchy finch

The finches that frequent our feeders flew away, fearing my footsteps.

Thankfully, they didn’t fly too far, and I have a 10x optical zoom on my camera.

Unfortunately, I have no lens hood, and things (like snow) get on my lens very easily.

P.S. The goldfinch, as seen in the middle of the photo, is the New Jersey state bird. (Officially, anyway. Many people contest that our state bird is the mosquito.)

P.P.S. Look what I made! :)

snowfall in the suburbs

This is the reason that everything– “everything” being Monmouth University classes after 6:00 and my band rehearsal– was cancelled this evening.

No, New Jersey isn’t totally unfamiliar with dealing with snow. But this is the first “real” snow we’ve had all winter, so we need to shake the rust out of the salt machines and snowplows.

(Those of you who’ve had 4 feet of snow in your area and object to me calling this a “real” snow… I’m sorry. I feel for you. Move to New Jersey.)


More snow. It stuck this time.

I thought this was supposed to be another mild winter!


Morning flurries, but this time, they didn’t stick.

first snow

We had our first snow yesterday!

It’s not exactly the snowman-building kind, but hey, snow is snow.

…until it turns to heavy rain later in the evening.

Man in the yellow hat?

Usually, I try to make sure that the photo I’m posting somehow reflects the weather outside, so that even if it WASN’T actually taken that day, it COULD have been. I just realized, as I was uploading this, that THERE IS NO SNOW ON THE GROUND. The weather got up to nearly 80°F (27 C) this week. Dang.

I swear this gentleman must be either British or a professor. Something about the glasses and the hat.

My family


Last summer, my uncle (a Missourian who’s been in NJ taking care of my grandfather for the past four years) went to a gar*ge sale (I’m trying not to get spammed- speaking of which, never mention the title of my last post online- I’ve been spammed about 18x as much as for my “specialty shop” posts), saw this tractor, got into a big long discussion with the seller about why the tractor didn’t work, and took this tractor home for $100.

Most of the family said, “What? There are already two ancient tractors in the garage. Why do you need a third that doesn’t even work?”

(Mind you, this is from a family that hoards vacuum cleaners like gold bricks. My mother has five just in case the first four break, and I hear there are something like ten over at the house where all these tractors live. One, my uncle was showing me, is from about 1924. He was using it to vacuum his room. Never mind the 80-year-old wiring, it still works.)

But my uncle dutifully spent the summer and fall fixing up this little yeller tractor and was terribly proud of the fruits of his labor. When we needed an empty garage (since my grandfather died and we’re now trying to gut the unnecessary furniture from the house), he was very annoyed at being forced to put his yeller baby outside in the rain and snow.

Poor tractor. It looks cold. :(

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