wooley funeral home

This is Wooley Funeral Home (edit- correct spelling: “Woolley”), who hosted my grandmother’s viewing in 1992 and my grandfather’s viewing today (12/29/06).

I’ve spent the past day or two making up display boards of old pictures and articles written about him, so people would sort of see who he was and where he came from. This means I have been sifting through a lot of old family photos.

Grandpa and Grandma c.1934

This photo was actually taken in Kansas (shhh), but it’s my grandpa and grandma when they were still just engaged, circa 1934. They got married on Christmas day ‘cos it was the only day he could get off from work. His birthday was Epiphany (January 6); Grandma’s birthday was Christmas Eve (December 24). And he died on Christmas day. His life was sure as hell centered around the holidays!

Grandpa at EAI c.1951

This is my grandfather sitting at his desk, c. 1951. He was the founder/president of a computer company that you’ve never heard of. He was fat, bald, and bespectacled from about 1940 ’til he died, so this is a decent representation of him… but the thing that gets me is his hands. All the men in the family have those hands, and they hold ’em the same way. And honestly, my hands are a lot like that too.