It’s always been a tradition for my extended family that, when we get together, some of us play at least one game of Scrabble (occasionally SPOONS) after dinner. This usually happens around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but since there were so many people around for my grandfather’s funeral, we had a couple games last week, too.

The only dictionary in the house, and the dictionary we’ve used up until this particular game was an Oxford dictionary from the 1940’s with about 30 words in it. We stopped bothering with it a while ago and have relied solely on the consensus of other players for some time.
1: “…is ‘mater’ a word?”
2: “Huh?”
1: “Like, someone who mates? He mates, therefore he is a mater?”
3: “I’ve never heard of it.”
4: “Well, 3 used ‘shat’ earlier in the game as a past tense of ‘shit,’ so I think so.”
2: “Good point.”
1: “…So can I use it?”
4: “Yeah, go ahead.”

This past Christmas, someone FINALLY gave my aunt an Official Scrabble Dictionary, and THAT is what you see on the table.

(This is a crummy picture of my cousin.)