Edit: The following information may be completely erroneous, and the Cabaret may just be a simple bar. The description was based off of information I thought I remembered from several years ago, but memories are faulty.

WARNING: you may find the following in poor taste. Read at your own risk, please.

One of the things I love to tell about the local Highway 35 is that if you drive on it for about 15 minutes, you will pass (all on the same side of the road): 2 strip clubs, 2 adult video stores, and 1 “adult emporium.” Ahh, New Jersey.

One of the adult video stores does not say anywhere that it is in fact geared towards adults. It was not until I dragged a friend into the “Discount Video” and the salesgirl started offering us dildos that I even realized it was a sex shop.

Apparently, this strip club (go-go bar, technically) has taken a similar approach. It no longer advertises that it has dancing or girls or that it opens at 2:00PM, and the sign almost makes it sound like a classy restaurant. But it still has no windows and a very small parking lot.