February 2007


Back of a marker-sign-thing. I think it’s so that snowplows know where the campus paths are.


This is a yellow-shafted flicker, a subculture of the Common Flicker.

This is a yellow-shafted flicker. It’s like a woodpecker BUT ISN’T. Apparently flickers are common, but I (not being a birdwatcher) had never seen them until recently.

Side note: I keep seeing the word “flicker” and thinking of Flickr Photo Sharing.

Chattanooga choo choo!  But this train’s going north.

Little Silver train station! It’s a stop on the North Jersey Coastline (NJ Transit) between Long Branch and New York City (Penn Station). The actual “station” involves a couple benches, a tiny shack where you buy tickets, and a distinct lack of a platform (which is fairly unique for the line).

The road here is slick from melted snow; everything other than the roads is covered in sticky white stuff, which was coming down in quarter-sized flakes in Little Silver. And shortly thereafter turned into freezing rain. Apparently this is turning into another ice-storm thing.

(Need information about NJ Transit train schedules? Click here.)

WARNING: you may find the following photo and/or description in poor taste. View at your own risk.


For as much as Pod teases me about the video store, I ought to actually show it. This photo is from before Valentine’s Day.

This is one of the several sex-oriented businesses on the local highway (Rt 35). There is very little about the exterior that screams “sex.” “Discount Video?” “1000’s of DVD’S, adult, action, comedy, and more?” Sounds like an innocent movie rental place to me, but the whole front of the shop is filled with dildos, lingerie, and toys to satisfy your every kink.

Bowlers have asses, too

When you’re “hanging out” in New Jersey, there are three things to do:
1. Watch a movie.
2. Go bowling.
3. Um. Sit around talking? Oh! No! Go to the mall. That’s right. Yeah.

…If you have any other ideas, please let me know.

(What’s that? You want info on Memory Lanes? Click here.)

This is a full-color photograph. Honestly.

Funny story.

So I needed art supplies from the closest Real Art Store (Colorest). I parked and noticed this HUUUGE electrical doohickey in what is essentially the art store’s backyard. Of course, I’m all like “OMG that’s cool I need a picture.”

See?  It’s BIG.

I snap a few shots as close as I can without treading on what might be private property. When I hear a car behind me, I turn to get out of the way (‘cos I’m technically standing in the middle of a parking lot)… and a silver sedan drives up next to me.

“Can I help you?” the driver asks me.
I panic, as I always do when unexpectedly confronted. “Uh.! No?!”
“Well, I saw you taking pictures…”
“Sorry! I can delete them if it’s illegal…?”
“No, it’s okay, it’s just, I’m the owner of this building, and I’m wondering…”
“Oh! Um- I’m- uh- I’m here for the art thing- store!” I gestured to Colorest. “I’m an artist, see, and I just found this interesting…!”
“All right, all right, just checking.” He smiled.
I returned the smile, thanked him, and ran into Colorest.

(Note: In person, I do in fact talk like an excited 16-year-old. Half an octave lower, usually, but the annoying speech patterns are there.)

Climb the stairs!  Methodists await you!

A side-entrance stairway of the Great Auditorium of Ocean Grove.

Ocean Grove was founded by the Camp Meeting Association, so it’s an almost entirely Methodist town. It’s full of colorful Victorian gingerbread houses, and it epitomizes the word “quaint.” The Great Auditorium- which I have not yet shown in its entirety, but just be patient or feel free to Google it- serves as a stage for concerts as well as a sanctuary for Sunday services.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Ocean Grove.

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