March 2007

da moooooooooon

Red in the morning:
Sailors, take warning;
Red in the night:
Sailors’ delight!

(I know this rhyme only by ear, so my punctuations could be completely off.)

But hopefully tomorrow will be a pleasant day. 🙂


Man in the yellow hat?

Usually, I try to make sure that the photo I’m posting somehow reflects the weather outside, so that even if it WASN’T actually taken that day, it COULD have been. I just realized, as I was uploading this, that THERE IS NO SNOW ON THE GROUND. The weather got up to nearly 80°F (27 C) this week. Dang.

I swear this gentleman must be either British or a professor. Something about the glasses and the hat.

You have no idea how many times I’ve tried to upload this.

Sometimes, I just can’t come up with a satisfactory title.

You have no idea how TINY this thing was.

Spring has… well… I wouldn’t say it’s sprung, but it’s in the process of springing. If you look very, very carefully.

Floral Deliveries

Back door of Woolley Funeral Home.

Complete with ugly little mics all over the place!  What a great photo.

Inside of the First Presbyterian Church of Red Bank, fondly known as “Tower Hill.” The Oratorio Choir had a concert there, and I am indebted to my dear soprano mother for 20-some-odd years of coming to MY concerts.

(Side note- I’d like to direct you all to the navigation bar across the top of the sandbar header, where you will find a brand-new “First Time Here?” page. In addition to silly Monmouth County links, it features a selection of my own favorite photos. Arrogant? Possibly. But if I could produce semi-decent work on a regular basis, I wouldn’t NEED a favorites page! Righty then.)

Heeeeeeeeeeere, doggie doggie doggie

WHAT THE HELL. I registered this site over at yesterday (because… why not?). An HOUR LATER, Ryan Muir (one of the two legendary/professional photographers of my alma mater while I was there) registers his blog. UNFAIR. We’ve never met, but he’s clearly stalking me.

::grumble grumble grumble::


This was taken behind Belmar-Wall Animal Hospital. Cute little thing, isn’t it?

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