My family


Last summer, my uncle (a Missourian who’s been in NJ taking care of my grandfather for the past four years) went to a gar*ge sale (I’m trying not to get spammed- speaking of which, never mention the title of my last post online- I’ve been spammed about 18x as much as for my “specialty shop” posts), saw this tractor, got into a big long discussion with the seller about why the tractor didn’t work, and took this tractor home for $100.

Most of the family said, “What? There are already two ancient tractors in the garage. Why do you need a third that doesn’t even work?”

(Mind you, this is from a family that hoards vacuum cleaners like gold bricks. My mother has five just in case the first four break, and I hear there are something like ten over at the house where all these tractors live. One, my uncle was showing me, is from about 1924. He was using it to vacuum his room. Never mind the 80-year-old wiring, it still works.)

But my uncle dutifully spent the summer and fall fixing up this little yeller tractor and was terribly proud of the fruits of his labor. When we needed an empty garage (since my grandfather died and we’re now trying to gut the unnecessary furniture from the house), he was very annoyed at being forced to put his yeller baby outside in the rain and snow.

Poor tractor. It looks cold. 😦