I can’t read this.

This is nothing new, but.

I needed to pick up some supplies at an art store before today’s class, which required leaving earlier than I usually do; consequentially, I was running late and managed to bolt out the door without my driver’s license (which I realized in the parking lot of the art store. There was cussing involved, as well as a silent prayer that I’d drive extra-extra-carefully today to avoid getting pulled over, because I know the day I forget my license is BOUND to be the day I’m caught speeding. Or rear-ending another car. Or something).

I made it to class without incident. On the way home, I decided to park in a commuter lot, walk down a busy street, and take photos of some overpasses that I always drive under.

As I was taking this photo (hanging around graffiti, looking VERY unsuspicious I’ll wager), a car pulled over on the shoulder next to me. I walked over to it… and it turned out to be a K-9 unit. Great.

“Hi, is there a problem?” I ask.
“Well, uh, what are you doing?”
“I’m taking pictures!”
The officer seemed unconvinced.
“I’m, uh, an artist! It’s photography! Color, composition, framing…!” (…with my oh-so-sophisticated little silver Nikon.)
His partner drove up behind him a couple seconds later and joined our discussion. He was equally suspicious.
Apparently they were looking for a carjacker who was seen in the area where I had parked my car (and where I was currently trying to justify why I was hanging around overpasses).

…Miraculously, throughout this interrogation, they didn’t ask for any identification.


Enjoy this photo, and if the good officers to whom I mentioned that I had a photoblog of Monmouth County find this post… er… thank you and please don’t tell on me.