May 2007


Nothing groundbreaking, but the bracketing was fun. I even broke out the tripod!


silver threads and golden needles…

Are your lampposts constructed from painted sheet-metal? Most of ours are, too, but they’re starting to replace ’em with what appears to be fiberglass. (They paint it later… whenever they get around to it.) It’s pretty when it’s unpainted.

(Click here for a detail of the fibers!)


Rain on a leaf! So exciting. Not really.


I love this phenomenon. I didn’t capture it very well, but I love it.

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Flower photos make me feel shamefully dirty. EVERYONE takes photos of flowers, and they’re really not unique to Monmouth County. And… they’re kind of cheating.

And this, in particular, is a blatant Georgia O’Keefe ripoff.

I have no idea what kind of flower it is, though. It’s part of a snapdragon-y bush.

crack seeds

Maple whirligigs vertically stuck in a crack in the sidewalk.

P.S. As a favor- could ya’ll please check out my newly-coded OTDP thumbnail archive and tell me if there are any glaring flaws in it? Html is not my strong suit, and layout issues are not unknown to me.

Off-camera, there are signs saying “Holiness to the Lord” and “So be ye holy.”

Inside the Ocean Grove Great Auditorium (occasionally referred to as the “Big A”). In the summer, it plays host to a wide variety of performers, including the Atlantic Wind Ensemble and the Ocean Grove Summer Band (both of which I’m in, at the moment). When we play “Stars and Stripes Forever,” that big flag covering the organ pipes lights up like a marquis sign. It’s a sight to see, I’m told. So clearly, you should come see for yourself on Saturday (May 26) at 8PM. 😀

…and holy cow, I’m on the hotlist, number 22 as I’m writing this. WOW. THAT was unexpected.

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