I see bazillions of urban photoblogs, and I want in on the action!

Sometimes I’m annoyed that I live in the middle of suburbia. It’s a bunch of residences and strip malls; what am I supposed to photograph? There are some beaches to the east and farms to the west, but I don’t do well photographing a flat landscape. This perpetual lack of subject matter has, admittedly, inspired me to get a lot more creative with my photography, which is good… but sometimes I look at all the urban photoblogs out there and wish I could just TRY something like that.

So this photo of downtown Eatontown, on the same block as the Sno-Brite laundromat, is, in spite of all its flaws, a fun bit of release for me. 🙂

Oh, and by the way- downtown Eatontown IS about a block. Before and after, it’s your normal sea of shopping plazas and parking lots… but for that one block, the street gets narrow, the buildings get tall, and there’s a sidewalk.