June 2007


Everyone in Ocean Twp. has DAYLILIES all over their yards and landscapings and mailboxes and everything. Daylilies, if anyone doesn’t grow them locally, bloom during the day and close at night. I don’t like the dang things. I think they look perpetually half-dead.


lines 2

This is totally not my concept.


Well, this won’t win any photo contests, but everything I’ve shown you lately has been TOO SMALL. So let’s look at something big.

This is the Jersey Shore Arts Center, located in what you’d THINK would be Asbury Park, right outside Ocean Grove’s main gate… but is apparently Ocean Grove’s territory. It used to be the old Neptune high school, and it was hailed at the 1906 World’s Fair as “an architectural splendor,” but it died, as neglected buildings often do. In 1997, the Ocean Grove Historic Preservation Society began turning it into “a beautiful home for the cultural arts at the New Jersey shore.”


One day, a little buttercup looked up.

And dreamed of being as tall as a radio tower!

The grasses said, “That’s silly. A buttercup has never grown more than a foot.”

But the buttercup was stubborn, and it grew and grew and grew.

Until the lawn mowers took it out a week later.


It rained a lot last week, so the ‘shrooms were up.

…what can I say, I have a thing for fungus.


Eh. No comment.

sweet pea

At first I thought this was a clover, but apparently sweet peas grow in bunches.

So. I entered my silly little “roots” photo to Macroday’s “Bottom” challenge, and, um, I apparently won!

I’d like to thank the Academy…

…Okay, no.

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