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Unoriginal thoughts on art:
[Part II]

Here’s something I said a year ago that I still find relevant.

“Photography as an art, for an amateur like me, isn’t about setting up a shoot. Not about creating the perfect lighting or setting up subjects so they are intentionally beautiful and all I’ve got to do is capture the moment. Nothing formal. To me, it’s about documenting life as I see it- taking the humdrum, stupid, ugly-as-fuck everyday things and putting them on a pedestal.

“It’s therapeutic, too. When I decide I’m going to go out and take some pictures, I just go about my everyday life and NOTICE things. What an interesting shape! What a remarkable set of colors I see here! A shelf of books, a well-used keyboard, a teakettle… dumb things that nobody would have ever cared about otherwise.

“I’m not the best photographer, and I’m never going to care enough about lighting and f-stops to be a great one. But it’s a good exercise in finding beauty in ugly places.”