bennies go home

Now, here on the Jersey Shore, we don’t speak particularly distinctly. We have, more or less, a standard northern dialect. But two phrases that seem unique and pervasive to this locality are “down the shore” (which I don’t use, but means “down to the beach”) and “bennies.”


Bennies are the out-of-towners who come to the Jersey shore only for the summer. They’re usually from New York (but certainly not always. there are a lot of Floridians here right now- but I assume most of them are snowbirds.)

There has always been a certain amount of prejudice against bennies. Yes, they support the economy, but they’re annoying.

The “local” newspaper (by “local,” I mean it’s the 66th-best-selling newspaper in the United States) has been trying to open people’s eyes to this unfounded prejudice by running a weekly “Benny or Local?” feature. Here, try it for yourself. (Click the image to enlarge, then check your answers.)

Benny or Local?

Click here for answers!

Really, they’re just like the rest of us.

(Want more info on bennies? Click here for the Wikipedia article on the term.)