September 2007


Pink flower.
And a bumblebee!
Who doesn’t love a bumblebee?
I guess that guy who’s allergic to bees doesn’t.
But everyone else does!


ground score

Autumn is in the air!
…and on the ground!

(Trust me, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of leaf pictures over the next few weeks.)

black eyes

I’m featuring a lot of Nikon Coolpix photos theseadays.

But anyway, this here is a black-eyed susan.

fort hancock

Fort Hancock is a former US Army fort. According to Wikipedia, “In 1893, Fort Hancock became the first place to have the nation’s first steam-lift gun battery [you’ve seen this!]. It also was important for the defense of the vital New York Harbor throughout World War II, trying to prevent the entrance of German submarines into the harbor.”

Those two missiles are Nike missiles. I’m not going to bother to identify them as Hercules or Ajax, but feel free to try it yourself!


I have no idea what kind of flowers these are.

And it was really underexposed, so please forgive the image quality.


The Art Workshop Building (one of the three small ugly buildings dedicated to art at Monmouth University) had a visitor today! Hello mantis!

bike trail

I want to ride my bicycle!
I want to ride my bike!
I want to ride my bicycle!
I want to ride it where I like!

(A portion of the Sandy Hook bike trail.)

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