I hate Jersey traffic.

I’ve been meaning/trying to get a photo of that old probably-abandoned motel (and its flashy “MOTOR LODGE” sign) for ages, but because of its location, it’s a very tricky drive-by shot, and it’s virtually impossible to safely and unobscurely park and walk near that place. (I’m not really the type to go prowling independently around abandoned buildings.) So this, taken in a rear-view mirror and flipped, is the closest you’ll get.

It was probably kind of seedy when it was new, too.

By the way– back when I was doing my series on Jersey Culture (parts one and two), I was told that concrete highway dividers are unique to NJ, too. I was not aware of this, and I do not have any proof to back up this chunk of information, but in case you’re not familiar with highway dividers, check it out on the left side of the photo.