October 2007


In recognition of Halloween, we have BORIS THE SPIDER! Hello Boris! Happy Halloween to you!

(I know I’ve put this in the insect category, and I fully understand that spiders are arachnids, not insects, but otherwise I need to make a new category just for Boris, and I don’t quite feel up to it.)



A building in Fort Hancock (Sandy Hook), near–or an actual part of–the U.S. Coast Guard hangout.

flaming rivers

Fall foliage = HOTT.


There are a lot of stop lights in New Jersey, especially on the roads I frequent.

Often, I use the red light as an opportunity to stick my head out the window and try to make art out of whatever highway ugliness currently surrounds my car. (Example, taken about 10 minutes before.)

As I was hanging out of the window at this particular stop light, a black Mini drove up beside me and beeped. The driver enthusiastically indicated that he wanted his picture taken.

So here we go. Honest-to-goodness New Jersians. The girlfriend looks a little mortified. 🙂


1. I know this is a little dark. Make sure your monitor is at full brightness.

2. I didn’t want to post another macro today, but it’s been raining or drizzling or just very overcast for several days now, and I try to stay true to the weather. So. Here we are.


The past few days have been rainy, overcast, and generally miserable. Plus–the park where I skate has been so littered with leaves as to make skating quite an obstacle. On top of THAT, the street I live on IS NOT CHANGING COLOR; the leaves are all either green or dead.

Grrrrrrrr. This part of autumn annoys me.


Sycamore bark has always fascinated me.

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