I got to my painting class about 45 minutes early on Wednesday. After much deliberation, I decided I’d rather be outside in the muted sunlight than in a hot, stuffy room that smelled of oil paints and mineral spirits.

A… trumpet? flute? caught my ear, and I followed the music. To my delight, I found a flutist, guitarist, and a couple of tango dancers performing in front of the Student Center. Apparently this was in celebration of the unveiling of a NEW MURAL painted on the concrete floor near where the dancers were dancing.

(It’s not a very interesting mural… just an unoriginal interpretation of the school mascot.)

I ran off to grab my camera, came back about 5 minutes later, snapped four shots (in badly overcast light, so all four exposures are a little funky), and… they finished. Thank you and good night.