1. Click any of the photos to view them at full resolution.
2. Don’t steal these photos. They’re not very good, anyway.
3. This is one of the least professional dissections EVER. Don’t take any of this too seriously.

If you type “brain dissection” into a Google image search, all the images will be of the outside of the brain or the hemispheres. (Case in point.) All the pictures in my textbook are the same. So after I did the standard hemisphere separation (which, for the cerebrum, is a bit like separating sections of an orange, except for the corpus callosum that binds the two halves together), I did some experimental hacking of my sheep’s brain to see WHAT EXACTLY IS INSIDE A BRAIN.

Below is the dura mater, the outermost membrane covering the brain. They don’t usually show it in pictures; it doesn’t fit neatly into all the brain’s nooks and crannies, and it’s rather tough, kind of like a thick version of the membrane that covers each section of an orange.

Below is the exterior of the right hemisphere.

Below is the interior of the left hemisphere. There is a horizontal cut through the brain because, as I mentioned, I was wantonly hacking at the brain after I’d finished the official dissection. The cerebellum is identified on the left; the corpus callosum is shown towards the right.

The image below shows where my vertical cuts were made (i.e. what exactly the next few images are showing). Be warned: I think I pieced the brain back together incorrectly. So just know that I made 4 cuts in the cerebrum, from front to back.

Slicing through a brain is kind of like slicing through a fresh mango or a hard-boiled egg white. The texture not squishy like a grape.

The text in green is intended to orient you, so you know what you’re looking at.
(Superior= top; Inferior= bottom; Medial= towards the middle/midline; Lateral= towards the edge)

The corpus callosum sort of… becomes, or at least blends into the white matter. (White matter and gray matter are identified in Section 3.)

Hacking at brains is fun.