December 2007

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A year in review. All of these photos were taken at exactly 4:50PM, give or take a minute. Don’t believe me? Click on each photo to go to its Flickr page, then check out its EXIF data, available under “More properties” in the right-hand column (“Additional Information”) underneath where it specifies what kind of camera I used.

Hope it was a good year for all of you, and here’s wishing you an even less stressful 2008!


reed a book

The reeds… or… some form of tall marsh-weed in Joe Palaia Park (formerly known as Deal Test Site).

abandoned 3

A shopping cart… all alone behind Value City, which used to be part of Ocean Township’s Seaview Square Mall back when there WAS a Seaview Square Mall. Some years ago (maybe 10, give or take a few), the crime rate for this mall increased significantly, so people stopped going here and went to Monmouth Mall instead. As a result, Seaview Square is now comprised of a few large stores (Value City, Target, and Sears) but not much else. The large stores are no longer connected in a mall format.

Wikipedia tells the story better than I do.

(Gosh this picture is old.)

Digital, 2007

It’s a big wooden cross stuck in the middle of beach sand, lest you forget that Ocean Grove is actually a Methodist townlette.

(I don’t think that “townlette” is an actual word, but it’s… a teensy town subset of Neptune Township.)

It is SO Methodist, in fact, that Ocean Grove was the source of a nationwide civil union controversy. (Speaking from my own experience and observations, the structure in question is NOT a religious place; it is a roof supported by four wall-corners–very shack-like and very open to the public.)

abandoned 2

Nobody wants the play on Joe Palaia Park’s swings in the wintertime.

Well, almost nobody.

…Maybe the occasional immature photoblogger.

red door

Edit: According to reader Kenny, this is the Peking Pavillion. Thank you!

I do not know what this structure is (as seen from a 60mph car). It’s located on Rte. 33 in Manalapan (I think), and it was open on Christmas (and decorated accordingly). I’m going to go out on a limb here and conjecture that it’s a restaurant of some type.

This is what’s written on the side, magnified 2x full resolution:
Can you read this?

If you can read it, please tell me what you see (or if you happen to know anything about the building from your own personal experience)!

(P.S. I use parentheses excessively.)


Merry Christmas.

(C7 is the bulb size.)

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