Freedman's Bakery

(Ugh. I was planning on making this a short post tonight, but the interweb is not telling me what I want to know, and I’m spending way more time than necessary trying to find information THAT IS NOT THERE.)

Freedman’s Bakery is located on Main St. in Belmar, NJ. I have searched and searched for a history of the shop but CANNOT find one. (So now I’m curious, and if you know anything, I’d love to read/hear it!)

Here’s what I CAN tell you:
* Freedman’s Bakery was rated one of the best bakeries in Monmouth County by a 2007 Asbury Park Press reader rating.
* This past summer, the borough of Belmar tried to get Freedman’s Bakery to shut down/go elsewhere because the building was “blighted,” just so that Belmar could build new stuff. (Apparently, Belmar is planning on redeveloping the downtown, which has become more and more filled with vacant and dilapidated storefronts.) Nobody approved this, because Freedman’s Bakery is just FINE.
* In 1985, the recipe for the famous Kneip family hard rolls was sold to Freedman’s Bakery.
* Before 1909, the Belmar Elementary School stood on that spot.