My high school physics teacher (at Ocean Township High School) always pronounced “wires” as “woyers.” We in the class never noticed that he had an accent until he began narrating a word problem that was based on ‘woyers.’ (I have no idea what the problem was about, really, because I couldn’t stop focusing on his pronunciation.) Eventually, when he asked if there were any questions, I raised my hand and asked, “Mr. Kelly, where did you grow up?”

(The guy sitting behind me whispered, “Yeah! You hear that too?”)

Mr. Kelly said, “Umm… New Jersey. New Brunswick. Why?”

“Ohhhhhhhh, nothing,” I said, “just wondering.”

So, just a note on Jersey accents:
Only North Jerseyans have what you’d think of as a “Jersey accent.”
The rest of us, for the most part, don’t.
But even I have a couple words with odd pronunciations that, when it is brought to my attention, I just have to say, “Well, I’m a Jersey girl, what do you expect?”