Feeeeeeeeshie feesh!

This particular feesh is a Grey or Mangrove Snapper, according to a sign on the wall above its aquarium.

Where did I find this funny fellow? There is a saltwater aquarium in the middle of the biology hallway of Edison Science Hall (of Monmouth University). From what I’ve been told by passing professors who like to educate me when they see me ogling all the crabs and feeshies, most of the critters in this aquarium come from the professors’ own expeditions.

(Also according to the sign above the aquarium:
FAMILY: Lutjanidae
RANGE: Massachusetts, USA to Brazil; Bermuda; Caribbean Sea
HABITAT: estuaries, rocky habitat, coral reefs, mangroves, enters fresh water
DIET: shrimp, crabs, squid, small fish
SIZE: to 89 cm TL, 20 kg)