March 2008


Confession: I MIGHT have trespassed a teeny bit to get this shot. But there were no signs or anything, and why would they maintain the paving on a footbridge between Monmouth University and a private mansion?

On the other hand, this side had better landscaping.

Anyway, this little riverlet goes under Norwood Avenue.


convention hall

The Asbury Park Convention Hall juts on the beach. Unlike the Casino, this beach-jutting has not yet caused it to fall into the ocean. (Side note: if you click that casino link, just so you know, everything to the right of the large casino pillar has been demolished now.)

While most people refer to the entire structure as the “Convention Hall,” the building is ACTUALLY a union of both the Paramount Theatre (west of the boardwalk) and the Asbury Park Convention Hall (east of the boardwalk). In the words of the official website, it’s “a multi-purpose venue of two separate buildings joined by a Grand Arcade.”

(presumably, the red-and-white striped bit, which was not always red-and-white striped, is the “Grand Arcade” that connects the two buildings.)

It was designed in 1923 by Warren and Wetmore, the same guys who designed Grand Central Terminal in New York City as well as the Asbury Park Casino and Casino Carousel House.* It is a registered historic building (according to Wikipedia).

Maybe someday later, if you’re lucky, I’ll show you the west Paramount Theatre side. 🙂

(For events at this location, see the official website.)

*Some pictures may not show up today. Zooomr, one of my photo-hosting sites, is having issues (as usual).

tree buds

Checkitoutcheckitoutcheckitoutcheckitout! The maples (I think they’re maples) are budding! The trees will have leaves very very soon! Huzzah!

(Okay, so leafed trees are difficult to photograph well, but they’re MUCH more pleasant to live among!)

another gazebo

Okay. I KNOW. From a photographer’s standpoint, this photo sucks–the right side is overexposed, there’s a permanent smudge/scratch on the lens of this camera which creates a translucent blob in the middle of certain photos, etc. etc. etc. But at least the composition has a teeny bit of merit, right? Maybe? No?

Fine. But this is what the gazebos in Bradley Beach look like.


Just to confuse anyone unfamiliar with the road, Rte-33 splits into two separate Route 33s: 33 Business, which cuts through town (Freehold, I think), and 33 Bypass (?), which bypasses town. But they’re both Rte. 33.

(See here for a map of the roads splitting.)

(If you take the wrong one, don’t worry too much: they do merge back together eventually.)

don't be a pansy

At least don’t be a YELLOW one. Be purple or something interesting.

I am sorry to post another almost-identically-composed flower shot in one week. But I hope you think it’s pretty.


What I really need on Tuesday mornings is coffee from a slightly waterspotted coffeepot.

I dunno about youse guys.

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