Anybody remember that playground hand-clapping game called “Slide?” It started with a sliiiiiide between your partner’s hands and yours, but the rest of the game was clapping.

[clap] [right] [clap] [left] [clap] [back-front] [clap]
[right-clap-right] [clap] [left-clap-left] [clap] [back-front] [clap] [back-front] [clap]
[right-clap-right-clap-right] [clap] [left-clap-left-clap-left] [clap] [back-front] [clap] [back-front] [clap] [back-front] [clap]

…and so on and so forth, from 1 clap to 2 claps to 3 claps all the way to 10 or so… or until someone miscounted or messed up.

That is IRRELEVANT. This is a slide from the Joe Palaia Park playground.