apple pi

Happy Pi Day!

(3/14 is always Pi Day because, for those of you who aren’t math geeks, Pi ≈ 3.14159… and the digits keep on going because π [that should read as ‘pi,’ if your glyphs aren’t working properly] is an irrational number. It’s very useful for figuring out circle measurements like circumference [i.e. how long the pie crust would be if you stretched it out] and area.)

Here’s a song we used to sing for Pi Day in my high school math classes, to the tune of “O Christmas Tree”:

“O number pi, o number pi,
Your digits are unending;
O number pi, o number pi,
No pattern are you sending;
You’re three point one four one five nine,
And even more if we had time;
O number pi, o number pi,
For circle lengths unbending.”