April 2008

babel + johnny

Former location of the 700 Building at Monmouth University. I don’t know what they’re building here now.

(…Or maybe it was the 600 Building…? I don’t really have a head for remembering numbers.)



(Psssst- my other daily Monmouth photoblog is one year old today! So I’ve been doing this nonsense for a little over 16 months now. Woohoo!)


Found in Joe Palaia Park (formerly Deal Test Site). I’m not sure for what they currently use or used to use this structure.

tasti d-lite

Apparently, this is business on Ocean Blvd. in Long Branch is technically known as “Ocean D-Lites.” But they do sell Tasti D-Lite, which, if you’re not familiar with it (since it’s only sold in a few states: New York [most of its stores are concentrated in NYC], New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, and Texas), is a soft-serve “guilt-free” ice cream-esque dessert.

I actually just tried the stuff for the first time last weekend. Despite the multitude of flavors, after a few bites, you stop tasting anything at all and only feel the cold softness on your tongue. It’s not bad, but it’s not real ice cream.


I am not entirely sure what kind of flower this is. It’s one of those little pinhead-sized wildflowers that grows in fields and nobody ever notices because it’s so small they can’t really get a good look at it.


I have some weird need to sneak around and take photographs of large cement-and-metal drainpipes (Exhibit A, Exhibit B). I think it’s because I like tunnels, and the idea of potentially crawling into one of these pipes appeals to me. Unfortunately, all of the drains I have investigated to date have been uncrawlable… mostly because I’m a girl and I don’t want to get my clothes all wet and muddy.

P.S. I managed not to fall into the red-silty water, but I did have to get into an awkward and compromising position to take this shot. So I’m not 100% prissy, I swear!


The NY Comic Con 2008 occurred this weekend. It happened in New York, of course, so it’s barely relevant for purposes of this photoblog, but we have plenty of geeks in NJ who were eager to hop on NJ Transit to go enjoy the pleasures of such a convention.

How do I know these are comic geeks? Note the predominance of black and red, the presence of at least two Spidermen, and the fact that Jay (partner of Silent Bob) appears to be sitting on a bench checking out his PDA. Mayyyyyybe it’s just a coincidence and that gentleman is not actually affiliated with any sort of enjoyment of comics, but I DOUBT IT.

(Just so there’s no confusion: I use the term “geek” affectionately.)

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