Paramount Theatre

Remember when I showed you Asbury Park’s Convention Hall? Well, this is Paramount Theatre, the bit that faces away from the Atlantic Ocean.

(This is the west front; the top photo shows the north side.)

Everything I told you in the first post still holds true, but I’ll repeat some of it:

1. While most people refer to the entire structure as the “Convention Hall,” the building is ACTUALLY a union of both the Paramount Theatre (west of the boardwalk) and the Asbury Park Convention Hall (east of the boardwalk). In the words of the official website, it’s “a multi-purpose venue of two separate buildings joined by a Grand Arcade.”

2. It was designed in 1923 by Warren and Wetmore, the same guys who designed Grand Central Terminal in New York City as well as the Asbury Park Casino and Casino Carousel House. It is a registered historic building (according to Wikipedia).