May 2008


Presbyterian Church on the Hill–not to be confused with Tower Hill Presbyterian, which is about a half-hour’s drive away.

Side note–after my dad and I fiddled with the internet for a few hours this morning (and finally convinced it to not poop out every couple minutes), I went to to check the connection. Turns out, my DSL line is running faster than–get this–8% of other American connections and 16% of connections worldwide. Man, no wonder I have such difficulty loading everyone else’s photoblogs!


sweepin' the streets

I was lucky enough to catch this guy as he was sweeping through our neighborhood!

street sweeper

eggy eggy eggsenfree


The place where I took this photo was a fairly high-traffic area of Brookdale Community College, so I had to think twice about contorting myself into the compromising position necessary to take this photo. However, about 15 feet away from me was a woman standing, staring at the ground, and talking loudly and clearly to herself (MAYYYYBE she had a hands-free headset or something… but she wasn’t using her hands! they just hung at her sides). I decided that her situation was more embarrassing than mine, and if SHE was willing to look like such a looney in the middle of campus, then I shouldn’t have any problem with it! So I knelt down to take the picture without another thought.


Actually, this is the same bridge as “bridge 4.”

“Under the Lake Bridge!
(Out of the sun!)
Under the Lake Bridge!
(We’ll be having some fun!)
Under the Lake Bridge!
(People walking above!)
Under the Lake Bridge!
(We’ll be falling in love!)
Under the Lake Bridge! LAKE BRIDGE!”


Enough with the artsy-ness. It’s time for some Monmouth County sightseeing!

This here is Millstone Twp.’s Cree-Mee Freeze, which has virtually no internet presence. They don’t have a web site and they’re barely listed in the business-oriented restaurant lists. What I CAN tell you is that the Cree-Mee Freeze was apparently featured in a season finale of Sex and the City (back in 2002) as a Long Island roadside burger joint.

As for its current state, well, even though there are no cars invading the landscape in this photo, it was absolutely swarmed when I drove by the place a week later. Guess it’s popular with the locals–at the right times, of course!


Ugh. It’s gardening time. And time for an experiment, sort of, in not-sharply-defined focus.

On a completely random note, for some reason, Roger Miller’s “King of the Road” goes through my head every time I look at this photo for more than 5 seconds.


Spring Lake train station at dusk. I was actually trying to get a picture of the last glow of sunset, but by the time I’d jogged up the street (in shoes not intended for jogging), that last bit of pink had disappeared.

I make no apologies for the lens flares/moisture on the lens.

Guess what! Yesterday, when I was in Ocean Grove for a concert, I saw some kid taking the exact photo I’d already posted yesterday. Ohhhh well, we always knew I was unoriginal! The sky wasn’t nearly as awesome yesterday, though. His loss.

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