From an artistic perspective, I’d like to have darkened/de-contrasted the background a bit, just so it didn’t blend into the foreground so much… but that is pretty darn time-consuming, and the artistry of my photography is not the point today.

This is one of the two carousel horses found in the Grand Arcade between Asbury Park’s Convention Hall and Paramount Theater.

I don’t think this is a carousel horse that was actually used in Asbury Park–mostly because I didn’t see a description near the horse (nor the other one–there’s a black steed a few yards away), and everything I’ve read on the fate of the Asbury Park carousels indicates that the horses found homes elsewhere.

But I really don’t know. The town–especially the boardwalk area–is beginning to clean up surprisingly well, so maybe the historic society collected the funds to buy back a few of their own horses and show ’em off in the Convention Hall. Or, more likely, they’ve been there all along and I just haven’t noticed.

*Edit: No, they’re a recent introduction.