Gahhhh. I took like twenty shots of Shark River’s Route 71 drawbridge opening (in a fairly inappropriate setting, at great embarrassment to myself), and ALL of those shots are ATROCIOUSLY OVEREXPOSED. (Entirely my fault. I decided to shoot on manual and apparently didn’t pay enough attention to the meter.)

I seem to recall that last year in my Photo I class, the teacher told us that it was better to overexpose film (resulting in a “dense” negative) than underexpose it (resulting in a “thin” negative) ‘cos if you overexpose it, at least you have exposed the film to the information and the information’s THERE somewhere.

I can’t help thinking that the opposite rule applies to digital photography. I can always lighten a dark photo pretty easily, but once a photo’s overexposed, the highlights get completely blown out. There’s no hope for ’em–the information’s just GONE.


I am (still) in North Carolina (or maybe Virginia or Maryland today–I should be back by tomorrow), so I will A) be relying on “automatic posting,” and B) will be unavailable for comments.