Ushers' March

I’m going to quote Leonard Sweet (SoulSalsa) because I really can’t phrase this better:

There is no more vintage moment steeped in the Ocean Grove tradition than to watch as a couple dozen ushers fan out across the vast amphitheater in their white pants and blue blazers to collect the offering in old-fashioned wicker baskets. When the offertory anthem is finished, they emerge from everywhere and nowhere to waltz back to the front and line up for the offertory prayer while Gordon Turk plays on the great organ the tune of “The Ushers March” [composed by Clarence Kohlmann, O.G. organist from 1924-1945]. it’s quaint. It’s campy. It’s the signature of Ocean Grove. There’s only one problem. All the ushers have been, from the opening day of Ocean Grove, male. (There are a couple of services each year when women usher. But these are the exceptions that prove the rule.)

(You remember the Great Auditorium, right? And the inside? Incidentally, that photo I took at last year’s choir festival is no longer possible, since there is a new organ taking up the whole balcony behind the sound guys.)