When we go to the Monmouth County Fair, of particular interest to my family is the antique tractor tent. My grandfather, born and raised in Kansas, possessed two International Harvesters, which he used to mow his fairly substantial lawn until he was 90 years old (when someone finally succeeded in convincing him that mowing the lawn in 95 degree heat was a poor idea at his age). When my midwestern uncle had to spend a few years in New Jersey, he lavished his attentions on a small yellow tractor (a Cub Lo-Boy–again, an International Harvester). And when all these tractors needed to find a new home, my cousin began using them for his landscaping business.

Monmouth County Fair tractor tent

So it’s kinda fun to go look through the tent and decide which tractors on display are most similar to the tractors that my family knows and loves.

This concludes our five-day retrospect of the five-day fair. But TOMORROW there is something VERY AWESOME planned for this photoblog, so be sure to tune in!