I don’t know what that thing it, but it’s a big and easily identifiable building on Atlantic Highlands.

I went to Coney Island in March. When I walked to the end of the pier, I squinted my eyes and said, “Hey!!! That’s the Highlands!!!”

“How can you tell?” asked the friend I was with.

“See how the land is all flat there except for that building sticking up in the middle?”

“So you can identify New Jersey by that giant blemish, boil, blight on the landscape?”

“Yeah! Isn’t that awesome?!”

Also seen in photos taken from Coney Island: the Twin Lights (above)…

…and Sandy Hook lighthouse (above)!

For as often as I’ve seen New York City from Sandy Hook, it was really cool to do it in reverse.

(The originals of these photos were taken at absolute full 10x zoom, full resolution. And I still had to crop those last two photos to ~420 pixels wide.)