Edit, September 2008-May 2010(?): I am attending grad school in Chicago, IL, and will no longer be updating this blog. I am preserving what was previously posted for the sake of historical curiosity.

I’m a semi-recent college graduate who’s currently living in Monmouth County, NJ. There’s really nothing photographable in my thoroughly suburban hometown, so… I figure there ought to be something worth photographing within the entire COUNTY. Hence “monmouthdailyphoto.”

And since the City Daily Photo people strongly prefer CITYblogs to COUNTYblogs, this isn’t an official CDP site. (But Monmouth County DP’s sister/fraternal twin/clone blog Ocean Township Daily Photo, is!)

Fuji Finepix S700 (in a rearview mirror)

My primary camera, as shown above in this FAHHHHHHBULOUS self-portrait, is a Fuji Finepix S700. It’s no DSLR, but it’s got a killer zoom and supermacro function.

Reflection, Monmouth Medical Center

My secondary camera, seen in the above photograph, is a Nikon Coolpix 3200, which is about as unprofessional as digital cameras can get, but it fits very nicely in my pocket, which is a huge bonus.


21 Responses to “About me”

  1. Bath DP Host Says:

    Nonesense, when is Jersey ever ugly. Get it registered…it’s so far only been focusing on Ocean Township….which consistes of a city and a few villages and towns BUT IS A TOWN!!1….

  2. Gerald Says:

    Don’t get hung on a name — there are precedents for DPs covering areas other than official “cities” — such as Tenerife and Tungelsta and for smaller towns such as Hyde or even villages like Real (France). So long as you post daily you’re welcome as a DP site and even if you don’t post daily you can be listed as a CP site — the term “city” is used quite loosely.
    Thanks for your comment on my “other blog” (Ackworthborn)

  3. lavenderlady Says:

    I agree with Gerald…I’ve snuck in Port Angeles, Ft. flagler, and Dungeness. No one has told on me yet!

  4. Gerald Says:

    So far as “the powers that be” re the DP community there are no official “powers” — just various different people who take on the running of the ancillary services. You should join the DP forum to discuss things [anyone can join — spammers get quickly chucked off but others are welcome]. The consensus opionion about being listed on the wiki is that if you post daily you can be listed on the DP list, otherwise you can be listed on the CP list. Denton of Greenville DP is responsible for keeping the list up to date. The CP ring is another independant thing. The Portal is quite new and you need to contact Eric at Paris DP about joining that — you need to have your RSS feeds set up correctly I think. Also if you want to be listed on the wiki than you should be listing all the other sites on your site.

    I include a number of unofficial sites, but I remove them if they become inactive or veer radically away from the DP model. Other sites I link to from other blog.

  5. Paul Says:

    I had a girlfriend in Fort Lee & then she moved to Englewood. I loved Jersey!
    (I’m from RI.)

  6. seneca Says:

    Contrary to popular belief, civilization has not traveled that far westward. It was not able to traverse the burning Cuyahoga River in Cleveland.

    Bearing that in mind, you will understand that I do not know what either “DP” or “CP” mean.

    “DP” here once meant, with a sneer, “THAT’S A DISPLACED PERSON!!!” as if someone fleeing the European wars for work in the mills in America was a lesser human being.

  7. John Y. Says:

    I really like this “new” self-portrait. Very nifty. (Yeah, I can read, so I know it’s not newly taken. Newly posted still counts.)

  8. John Y. Says:

    Josy, I hope you will forgive me for saying so, but I think this is a very flattering picture of you (the one in the kitchen). The mouse-over suggests it wasn’t a self-portrait this time. Whoever took this photo deserves some props. đŸ™‚ And you do as well, for posting it.

  9. Beejing Says:

    I’m gonna add you to my blogroll, ayt?

  10. mgilpin Says:

    hey… there is a self-portrait here i’ve never seen before…

  11. ourmonmouth Says:

    Nice work! I recently took some pictures of the Battle of Monmouth reenactment last weekend. Check it out on my blog: http://www.ourmonmouthblog.com .


  12. John Y. Says:

    I like the new self-portrait (in the car mirror). Very nice framing; cool blur in the background; and what I consider to be an accurate likeness.

  13. mgilpin Says:

    wait… and now there is another self-portrait i haven’t seen before… and it is the most direct (‘accurate’?) i’ve ever seen you post…

    oh… and for what it is worth, i love the inclusion of text… did you set the aperture to capture both the text and your image?… or was it incidental?…

  14. Jaclyn Says:

    Hi, do you do photos of people? I am just asking because i live in monmouth county as well and my husband and i are looking for someone to take photos of us and our daughter. If you can e-mail me it would be great. Thanks!

  15. Vcarole Says:

    Heya Cuz;

    I think it would be nice for you to come to the West & do comparison coast pictures. hint hint..

    We just got back from hiking the Grand Canyon & recoupin’ in Vegas where Chris, B and I had 4th row Rush tickets. So retro..

    check out the shots under “sports” on my site. http://www.fruitsofthevine.net


  16. Love your blog! Drop me an email if you can!

  17. Flickr4Jazz Says:

    Have you thought about turning this blog over to someone living in Monmouth County?

  18. JosyC Says:

    Flickr4Jazz- I considered it, but at the moment, there’s too much of myself in this project to hand total creative control over to someone else. (Can we say “control freak?” ) If anyone out there wants to start their own Monmouth County Daily Photoblog, I encourage them to do so–and drop me a line when they do!

  19. Dennis Says:

    I think we’re related. i have taken so many of the same subjects, in similar ways that your collection looks a lot like mine. My main camera Fuji HS30EXR, with a lumix TZ3 on the side. Spooky.
    Go to my FB page a see…you’ll think they’re yours….

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