Rainbows keep dripping down the wall

In the Asbury Park Casino, where lots of murals have been painted in the last few years, there is a rainbow dripping down one of the exterior columns. It’s kind of horrible, and kind of beautiful. But you can decide for yourself.


Octowoman mural in Asbury Park

In part of an ongoing effort to beautify Asbury Park, they painted some murals in and around the Asbury Park casino. I first saw the murals in spring/summer 2009 (which is when this was taken).

Any tasteful (TASTEFUL) painting with tentacles is okay by me.

The muralist at work!

In July 2010, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a muralist putting the finishing touches on a new mural by the Asbury Park casino.

I think I have photos of the exact wall before it was painted, but I’ll need to find them and re-upload them; I had all my black-and-white photos stored on Zooomr, which permanently went kaput without giving any warning.

Asbury Park Casino, fall 2011

Every time I go back to Asbury Park, the casino looks different. Above is how the Ocean Grove side of the casino looked in 2011…

Asbury Park Casino, summer 2007

…but THIS is how it looked four years ago, in 2007.

I originally posted that bottom photo here, and mentioned that there were some plans to recreate the beach side of the Casino.

Thus far, this has not happened.

Here’s what the ocean-side of the Casino looked like in early 2007 (click the photo for a link to its original post):
Asbury Park Casino, February 2007

…and here’s what it looked like in late 2011:
Beach side of the Asbury Park casino, September 2011

It’s interesting to watch this stuff happen over time.

nice alley

I remember when this little balcony didn’t used to be fenced off.

It’s part of the Asbury Park Casino/ Boiler House/ Carousel complex, on the Ocean Grove side.


Interior of Asbury Park Casino–what’s left of it, anyway. And, just to orient you, if you click that “Asbury Park Casino” link and pretend you’re standing there, this is what you’d see if you looked through a hole in the wall to your left.

(Click the photo for a larger size! This is two photos hand-stitched together with no fancy software.)

greetings from asbury park 2

This is the view from INSIDE the Asbury Park Casino, looking out at Asbury Park.

And here are some exterior views of it: View 1 and View 2

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