Long Branch and West Long Branch

pay phone

Even in this day and age, cell phones don’t always cut it.

(This is really in West Long Branch, which is a separate city from Long Branch, but half the time I can’t actually tell which is which, so I just call it all “Long Branch.”)


wilson hall

I haven’t been on the campus of Monmouth University since it was Monmouth College. Well, until today. This is the ceiling of Wilson Hall, the main administrative building on campus.

Three stories for administration?  You’re serious?

Administration? What? A statuesque museum like this?

Wilson Hall used to be the Shadow Lawn mansion. The college (back when it was a college) bought it and converted it. For more information, see what the university itself has to say on the matter.

Some people follow directions soooo well.

The neon pink signs read, “Please no chairs along this wall. Thank you.”

I love humans.

(Sighted at Reformation Lutheran Church in West Long Branch. No, I’m not Lutheran.)

(By the way- thanks all for your wonderful help/suggestions with regards to cameras. Consumer Reports ranks two Fuji Finepixes as its two best buys, and I held the S700 today and loved it. Additionally [much as it pains me to admit this], appearance is almost as important to me as functionality, because I am sick of being embarrassed by what people surely interpret as my blatant pretention at trying to take artsy photos with an obviously novice camera.)

(This is not an artsy photo.)

…yeah, I don’t have a good title for this one.

A landmark no more.

Orange and blue, doo doo doooooo…

This is Sirena, a restaurant in Pier Village in Long Branch. I just discovered Pier Village this weekend- it’s a total beachy resort-style string of shops and restaurants, the sort of thing they establish just for the benefit of vacationing tourists. I always forget that some people actually VISIT this area by CHOICE.

…crud, I forgot to tweak the colors. Maybe I’ll post an update later, so if you don’t see this tagline, it’s been updated.

Floral Deliveries

Back door of Woolley Funeral Home.


The Windmill is a restaurant known for its hot dogs. There are now 8 franchises around the county, but this is the place that started it all in 1964. The propeller blades do not move. (I’ve always wondered and found this out recently.)

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