I went for a walk (on a flock) on a flock of birds, and it felt like a trillion herds

Everyone loves a good sunset!

Some people do not love a good flock of seagulls, but y’know, it’s their loss.


The fishing pier is still there when it's gloomy out. I have proof!

This is the Ocean Grove fishing pier.

(I love it when a photo is really juicy right out of the camera. Like this. Bam.)

(Well. I did straighten it and nudge the white point a little, but that’s it, I swear.)

Paramount Theater by sunset

Just the Asbury Park Paramount Theater by sunset.

Everything looks good with a sunset behind it.


Who said nobody goes to the Jersey shore in January? That’s when the locals can finally enjoy an uncrowded beach!

passing by

This is New Jersey. There are both huge public international airports and small private airports all over the place. C’est la vie.


I think it’s been pretty well established that I have a huge weakness for sunsets.

This particular one was seen over Fletcher Lake, about 16 feet from the boardwalk between Ocean Grove and Bradley Beach.


Rev. Ellwood H. Stokes, along with Rev. William B. Osborn, founded Ocean Grove in 1869 as one square mile of land along the Jersey shore for Methodists to come and meet in the summer.

Why exactly there is a statue of Rev. Stokes outside the Great Auditorium (outside view) and no statue of Rev. Osborn is beyond me. Maybe Stokes was more statue-genic.

…actually, to my understanding, Stokes was the first president of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, so he gets some special recognition. (The OGCMA still meets every summer; the waitlist for one of the tents [kind of like private beach cabanas, which also have insanely long waitlists, except you live in the tent all summer] is something like 15-20 years long.)

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