Rainbows keep dripping down the wall

In the Asbury Park Casino, where lots of murals have been painted in the last few years, there is a rainbow dripping down one of the exterior columns. It’s kind of horrible, and kind of beautiful. But you can decide for yourself.


Battery Potter from the inside

After taking an initial tour of Battery Potter in 2008, I took a second tour just this past spring (2011). I dunno, I enjoyed it. 🙂


A sign above this door reads,

is hereby given of an application
Final action is to be taken by the
Neptune Township Historic
Preservation Commission on
July 27, 2004. Persons interested
in the acquisition and preservation
of this building should contact
Rose Havey at 732.555.1234 x.247”


Found in Joe Palaia Park (formerly Deal Test Site). I’m not sure for what they currently use or used to use this structure.


Part of Wilson Hall at Monmouth University.

…recently, I’ve been making horizontal crops of vertical photos quite a lot.

red door

Edit: According to reader Kenny, this is the Peking Pavillion. Thank you!

I do not know what this structure is (as seen from a 60mph car). It’s located on Rte. 33 in Manalapan (I think), and it was open on Christmas (and decorated accordingly). I’m going to go out on a limb here and conjecture that it’s a restaurant of some type.

This is what’s written on the side, magnified 2x full resolution:
Can you read this?

If you can read it, please tell me what you see (or if you happen to know anything about the building from your own personal experience)!

(P.S. I use parentheses excessively.)


“You’re entering a realm which is unusual. Maybe it’s magic or contains some kind of monster. The second one. Prepare to enter … The Scary Door.”

(Photographed in the First Presbyterian Church of Matawan.)

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