Those things!

I have no idea what these things are called! They’re too small for cattails, they’re too heady for grass, but they’re all over the place in the summer! And they make a pretty photo. That’s what REALLY matters.



Another unidentified flower! I really don’t know my wildflowers, do I?

Edit: Careful reader USelaine has identified it as a Gaillardia, or Blanket Flower. Thanks!

(Found in Thompson Park, Lincroft, NJ)


A mysteeeeeeeeerious orange flower.

It’s mysteeeeeeeeeeerious because its identity is a mysteryyyyyyyyy.



This, I believe, is a meadow vetchling. But why it only has two blossoms, one of which is a sickly orange, is beyond me.


While I do try not to post a zillion flowers in one week, I thought the little pre-petals on this zinnia bud were too cute not to share with the world.


I know they’re trite and overdone and cliched and everything else, but our sunflowers bloomed today, and despite their prevalence in pop culture, sunflowers are STILL pretty darn cool.

(And a side note, for those interested in Monmouth County, NJ: here, sunflowers are not weeds as they are in the midwest. If you see a sunflower in NJ, chances are pretty good that someone went to the trouble of actually planting it.)

un (une?) autre fleur

This description is TOTALLY unrelated to the photo. But so it goes.

Sometimes, it’s good to know that other peoples’ photographic etiquette is as bad as my own.

Before the Ocean Grove Summer Band concert last night (every Wednesday in the summer, 8:00PM–if you’re a musician, show up at the Pavillion on the boardwalk at 7:30PM Monday for a rehearsal–no auditions or registration needed), I was warming up outside. I usually stand at the edge of the boardwalk and blow some notes out to sea for ~10 minutes, trying to ignore the people walking behind me and staring. Last night, I heard a click directly behind me, so I turned to look. Someone was taking my picture!

I blinked at the person a few times, and I went back to warming up. For as many times as I’ve tried to get candid photos of strangers, I figured, y’know, what the heck–I’ll cut this guy a break. I did think that maybe, after we’d MADE EYE CONTACT and I was clearly aware that he was invading my personal space (within the 3-foot radius!), he might introduce himself or say SOMETHING to me, but… no. I heard a few more clicks before he disappeared as silently as he’d arrived.

So if you see a photo of a trombone player looking out to sea… with really messed-up hair (damn those sea breezes)… you’ll know what you’re looking at.

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