Strollo’s (“hand made Italian Ice”) is a popular place to get dessert, day or night!


jack frost got run over by a reindeer

Well. I’m kind of glad I held off posting until this morning, ‘cos this is what was one the windows when I woke up. 🙂

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A year in review. All of these photos were taken at exactly 4:50PM, give or take a minute. Don’t believe me? Click on each photo to go to its Flickr page, then check out its EXIF data, available under “More properties” in the right-hand column (“Additional Information”) underneath where it specifies what kind of camera I used.

Hope it was a good year for all of you, and here’s wishing you an even less stressful 2008!

Help!  Help!  I’m drowning in ice!

Everyone’s been posting flowers the past few weeks. Here’s my version of spring: a crocus trying to croc from underneath a layer of ice.


…and daffodils shivering.


And, just because it happened again and it’s NIFTY, a branch encased in ice.

It HAS to melt SOMETIME. Can’t go around having ice in June. That would be very silly on the weather’s part.

If you stare at it long enough, it starts looking like another language.

Wednesday, March 14: Threw on a t-shirt and went Rollerblading in the park. Around 70° F (21 C) for most of the day.
Friday, March 16: Ice storm. Around 30°F (-1 C) for most of the day.

Seriously. Whoever’s in charge of the weather, just stop this nonsense. I’ve seen this sort of insanity all winter, and quite frankly, I’m sick of it.

Do you know what this is?  I don’t.

It got up to about 51 degrees Fahrenheit (11 C) today! And yet, ice stubbornly remained.

I’m really not sure what sort of phenomenon this is, but melting ice from the gutters of the art building was dripping onto it. It appears to be a branch encased in some ice.

I dunno. It looked cool, and a lot of students stopped to marvel at it.


The ice is melting! The slabs of ice on the side of the street are turning into puddles again! Hooray, no more breaking my neck.

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