Fiddler crab!

Hello fiddler crab!

(He was on the bike path at Sandy Hook. Like Mister Snake, I almost skated over this guy, too.)



I took this yesterday! That’s a lie, it’s totally January in New Jersey. But remember when…?

Typewriter in Sandy Hook's History House

In the historic area of Sandy Hook, near the lighthouse and the Post Chapel, there’s a restored house on the officer’s row creatively called History House. It contains a lot of historic things.

Like typewriters.


Wild raspberries in Allaire State Park.

Unless they’re mulberries.

But I’m pretty sure they’re closer to raspberries.


Another unidentified flower! I really don’t know my wildflowers, do I?

Edit: Careful reader USelaine has identified it as a Gaillardia, or Blanket Flower. Thanks!

(Found in Thompson Park, Lincroft, NJ)


A mysteeeeeeeeerious orange flower.

It’s mysteeeeeeeeeeerious because its identity is a mysteryyyyyyyyy.



It’s a little long to have come from an Eastern Goldfinch; I’m not quite sure what sort of bird this feather comes from.

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