The fishing pier is still there when it's gloomy out. I have proof!

This is the Ocean Grove fishing pier.

(I love it when a photo is really juicy right out of the camera. Like this. Bam.)

(Well. I did straighten it and nudge the white point a little, but that’s it, I swear.)



The side of Nagle’s boasts a collection of old seltzer bottles.

Peeking through the windows of this place (after hours), I really need to go inside sometime. Little apothecary bottles line the inside wall, which kind of fascinates me.


Who doesn’t love a Citroën?

I mean, if I had to drive one, I might be a little out-of-love with it.

But since I don’t, God bless those who DO drive ’em and give us onlookers that pleasure. 🙂

Edit: it was brought to my attention that the above text may be a little esoteric for those who aren’t familiar with the car. To those people, I offer the following information:

2CVs (“deux chevaux [vapeur]”) were produced as an economy car after the second World War as sort of an “umbrella on wheels” for French farmers to haul stuff from Point A to Point B. The seats were hammocks suspended from the roof by wires. The windows didn’t roll down, they folded down. And the engines were “notoriously underpowered.” To quote Wikipedia,

“When asked about the 2CVs performance and acceleration, many owners said it went ‘from 0-60 in one day’. Others jokingly said they ‘had to make an appointment to merge onto an interstate highway system’.”

One of my mother’s old buddies would sometimes drive friends around in his Citroën 2CV; my mom’s stories indicate that she’d prefer never to set foot inside one of these cars again. 😉


Man, Josy. What is with all the car photos? Like seriously.

Yesterday was the Colts Neck business fair and antique car show… so there were, shockingly, some antique cars sitting around. Why this particular one? I’ve always had a thing for woodies (NO JOKES), and apparently my grandmother used to drive one of these old Chryslers.

Normally, I’d blur out the license plate, but I thought it was worth a mention that historic cars in New Jersey can be identified by their “QQ” plates. (I actually call the cars ‘QQs,’ as in, “Hey look, a QQ just drove by!” but I think I’m the only person in the state who does this.)

night fishing

Two guys (one of whom you can almost kind of see in this photo, right on the corner of the pier) fishing in Ocean Grove, aroundabout 10PM.

Now–one thing about my Fuji S700–its slowest shutter speed is four seconds. Four seconds in nearly pitch-dark (especially when the widest aperture is only f/3.5) is… well… not enough. Thank God for GIMP!

Ocean Grove fishing pier, ~10PM


Spring Lake in the rain.

Josy, did you have your camera out in the rain again?

Uhhhhhhhh. Maybe. But I used my left hand as a protective tent for the camera! Does that count for something?


Well, I haven’t featured this building in a while, so why not? It’s still a neat shade of orange.

It used to be Asbury Park’s YMCA, but it’s currently serving as Young at Heart. I think. It might have changed, actually, but last time I checked, it was.

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