The fishing pier is still there when it's gloomy out. I have proof!

This is the Ocean Grove fishing pier.

(I love it when a photo is really juicy right out of the camera. Like this. Bam.)

(Well. I did straighten it and nudge the white point a little, but that’s it, I swear.)


Playin' with a dog in good ol' Ocean Grove

Some people like to take their dogs out on lonely beaches to give ’em some exercise. (It’s more difficult to do this when there are people laying about everywhere.)

Ahhh, the good old days of two weeks ago! It was still chilly then.

Fiddler crab!

Hello fiddler crab!

(He was on the bike path at Sandy Hook. Like Mister Snake, I almost skated over this guy, too.)

Asbury Park Casino, fall 2011

Every time I go back to Asbury Park, the casino looks different. Above is how the Ocean Grove side of the casino looked in 2011…

Asbury Park Casino, summer 2007

…but THIS is how it looked four years ago, in 2007.

I originally posted that bottom photo here, and mentioned that there were some plans to recreate the beach side of the Casino.

Thus far, this has not happened.

Here’s what the ocean-side of the Casino looked like in early 2007 (click the photo for a link to its original post):
Asbury Park Casino, February 2007

…and here’s what it looked like in late 2011:
Beach side of the Asbury Park casino, September 2011

It’s interesting to watch this stuff happen over time.


Who said nobody goes to the Jersey shore in January? That’s when the locals can finally enjoy an uncrowded beach!

Mad seagull!

I don’t live in Monmouth County anymore, but my parents do, and I visit them, and sometimes there are nifty things around here to photograph. So I’m going to add a couple unofficial not-updates (since MCDP is very clearly “no longer updating”). 🙂

After my last post (August 17, 2008), I moved to Chicago for two years, and then back to north Jersey. I’m still there, and I’ve been running New Providence Daily Photo for a year and a half (welllll… a little over a year). It’s sort of the bastard stepsister of Monmouth County Daily Photo.

There’s nothing like NOT living on the shore to make you appreciate it!

Is MCDP still on your RSS feed? Do you still even have an RSS feed? If so, how are you doing?

Okay. Look. I know they’re gross enough that you don’t really want to carry them around in your pocket, but does that mean you should just THROW THEM ON THE BEACH?! I found these two applicators about 20 feet apart at Sea Girt. Seriously, folks. Grow up.

(P.S. If this offends you, well, so it goes. Which is a thoroughly mature response, especially coming from someone who had the audacity to say “grow up,” but, y’know, it’s a part of modern life. If I were going to be a feminist, I’d say something like, “It’s not disgusting; it’s a beautiful and natural part of being a woman.” I’m not a feminist; it’s gross. But I am someone with a camera who doesn’t think life is all sunsets and flowers.)

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