I went for a walk (on a flock) on a flock of birds, and it felt like a trillion herds

Everyone loves a good sunset!

Some people do not love a good flock of seagulls, but y’know, it’s their loss.


Paramount Theater by sunset

Just the Asbury Park Paramount Theater by sunset.

Everything looks good with a sunset behind it.

Those things!

I have no idea what these things are called! They’re too small for cattails, they’re too heady for grass, but they’re all over the place in the summer! And they make a pretty photo. That’s what REALLY matters.


Who said nobody goes to the Jersey shore in January? That’s when the locals can finally enjoy an uncrowded beach!

Chapel by sunset

This here is the Post Chapel at Fort Hancock in Sandy Hook. Sometimes it is pretty to look at.

In other news, I’ve started a Tumblr.

look out!


One thing we see with a certain amount of regularity in the summer months is PLANE ADVERTISING. This is the Jersey Shore, and there are an awful lot of people on the beach during the day; what better target audience is there than a large group of people who already have their wallets out to pay for beach badges and spend their days looking up at the sky?

A few days ago, I actually saw some skywriting above my house (which is much less common than banner-dragging). Unfortunately, the writing was, from my perspective, upside down and partially obstructed by trees, so I could only make out a word or two (involving “1-800” or “.COM”) and the advertisement was totally lost on me.

This plane here was actually part of a fleet of five. They were spaced out enough that I couldn’t even see them all at the same time, much less get them all in the same frame. Having closely examined my photographs of their individual banners, they all seem to be advertising a local cable/voice/internet provider.

Common as they are, I still like looking at ’em. They strike me as being a little bit old-fashioned, like Burma-Shave signs.

A kite takes flight!

Some people get a kick out of flying kites at the beach. After 5:00PM, there’s plenty of space, it’s still beautifully light, and the shore winds are pretty good.


(Did I know the family whose kites I was photographing? No.
Did I introduce myself to the family whose kites I was photographing? No.
Did I do ANYTHING except stand in the middle of their fun and aim my camera upwards? No.
Is this rude and sketchy? Yes.

On the plus side, I didn’t make any motion to conceal the fact that I was taking photos of the kites, which is a step for me.

Baby steps, baby steps…)

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