I went for a walk (on a flock) on a flock of birds, and it felt like a trillion herds

Everyone loves a good sunset!

Some people do not love a good flock of seagulls, but y’know, it’s their loss.


Playin' with a dog in good ol' Ocean Grove

Some people like to take their dogs out on lonely beaches to give ’em some exercise. (It’s more difficult to do this when there are people laying about everywhere.)

Ahhh, the good old days of two weeks ago! It was still chilly then.

Paramount Theater by sunset

Just the Asbury Park Paramount Theater by sunset.

Everything looks good with a sunset behind it.

Chapel by sunset

This here is the Post Chapel at Fort Hancock in Sandy Hook. Sometimes it is pretty to look at.

In other news, I’ve started a Tumblr.

sunset 11

Okay. So. I know I’ve shown the sun setting over Sandy Hook before, and I know I’ve shown the kitesurfers in Sandy Hook Bay before, but have I shown them TOGETHER?!

Seriously, though, this blog has been totally devoid of color lately. It’s summer! I thought I could leave the drab browns and grays for winter!

Soooooo here’s a colorsplash.

passing by

This is New Jersey. There are both huge public international airports and small private airports all over the place. C’est la vie.


I think it’s been pretty well established that I have a huge weakness for sunsets.

This particular one was seen over Fletcher Lake, about 16 feet from the boardwalk between Ocean Grove and Bradley Beach.

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