Chapel by sunset

This here is the Post Chapel at Fort Hancock in Sandy Hook. Sometimes it is pretty to look at.

In other news, I’ve started a Tumblr.



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3. If you’re wondering about this post, my mother and I are driving to Chicago tomorrow. I will not be returning to New Jersey for the forseeable future. (See yesterday’s post for details.)



The lake at Thompson Park. It’s kinda pretty, innit?


I apologize for posting this so late. I had an early class, which went to noon, except I stayed late and before I knew it I wasn’t home until 4:30 and the dog needed to go out and the garden needed watering and this all took twice as long as usual because IT’S SO RIDICULOUSLY HOT and shows no signs of letting up but anyway HERE IS A NICE COOL PHOTO of Thompson Park.

Thuh end.


Spring Lake in the rain.

Josy, did you have your camera out in the rain again?

Uhhhhhhhh. Maybe. But I used my left hand as a protective tent for the camera! Does that count for something?

forest floor

I wish I could photograph forests better.

This little scene was found in Thompson Park in Lincroft (which is part of Middletown).

teeny little helicopters

Teeeeeeeeny tiny little maple whirligigs. In retrospect, I wish I’d put my finger (or a penny or something) in the image to give you a sense of scale. These are about as big across as a computer key.

P.S. This is the first photo I’ve ever edited using Photoshop. (I usually use GIMP.) And I’m on a different monitor. So please forgive some of the flaws in this photo. 🙂

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