If you want information on Monmouth County…

1. Check out the Monmouth County home page. It has information and links to area government, hospitals, libraries, parks, and general fun & tourism.
1a. If you’re considering Monmouth County as a potential residence, I strongly urge you to check out Movetomonmouth.com, which is “an informational portal to assist you in learning about and making your move to Monmouth County, New Jersey!”
2. Want a map to see where all these Monmouth County towns and municipalities are in relation to each other? Check out this map. (I didn’t make it.)
3. I post a fair number of train pictures, so a lot of people end up here with train questions. The only trains I know of in Monmouth County are NJ Transit (North Jersey Coastline); click here for a map of the rail line, and click here for train schedules.
4. Still have a question? Leave a comment on this page and I’ll see what I can do.

Here for the photos?
View them by town:

*Asbury Park
*Atlantic Highlands
*Colts Neck
*Little Silver
*Long Branch & West Long Branch

*Monmouth Beach
*Ocean Grove
*Ocean Township
*Red Bank
*Sandy Hook
*Sea Bright
*Sea Girt
*Shrewsbury Township
*Spring Lake
*Tinton Falls

Or check out my better quality photoblog, over at Ocean Township Daily Photo.

Still here? If you haven’t seen the posts below, I encourage you to peek.

You have no idea how TINY this thing was.


The flier on the side says “Sabada Latinos @Paul’s Nightclub” Buckets and ladders, woohoo! Help!  Help!  I’m drowning in ice!

Sunset! Three cheers for a properly-working macro setting! Ice Storm

marina things train tracks

girls at ice rink oil gutter

air pumps meters stairs

light squiggle Beachgoers


13 Responses to “First time here?”

  1. james of bath Says:

    i’m really enjoying this about page, love all the photos here.

  2. Bob Says:

    Cool site,
    I will be sure to visit often.

  3. Sarah Bandy Says:

    I like your site! I would like to see some pics of Colts Neck.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. SteveK Says:

    Josy – can you please email me – I have a question about blogging.

  5. crispseptember Says:

    With the decision to take a photo everyday comes with it a load of commitment. I have to say kootoes to you for taking on such a task. I was given an assignment over the spring semester to do exactly that, well lets just say there were many days I just forgot. Good luck. And P.S. your photos look really great, good compositions.

  6. Arthur2sheds Says:

    Hi there,

    A friend and I are planning a trip to NJ from Toronto later this month (yes, we’re going to see Springsteen) and I’ve been looking around for suitable places to stay/eat/etc.

    Our intention was to stay in Asbury Park, but after reading some local blogs I’m frankly wondering if that’s the best idea. The tourist sites, of course, portray everywhere as fabulous, so I’m hoping you might be able to make some recommendations.

    Would you recommend looking for a place further up/down the shore?

  7. I’ve been doing a photostudy of Shark River. How do I submit the occasional photo? Let me know…I want to do a show of the photos I’ve been taking around the river.

    Thanks in advance, Nichole

  8. Juanie Muniz Says:

    I love this page.

  9. Coder17 Says:

    The idea of formal education is not as much a given. ,

  10. DanH Says:

    Tis my first time visiting here, and so far have loved all the photos I have seen. I was born and raised in Long Branch. Was wondering if Anyone remembers where Fay Street was located as that is where I was living at the time of my birth. The house was a dual apt. with red “tar-brick” siding. Across the street was a railroad mail station which was closed. We were very near the ocean. Next door to us our landlord had a Oil Co. named Lawless Oil Co. There was a Italian restaurant near the beach and a bar called Toody’s. This was in the 1950’s. If anyone remembers this please contact me. Especially if you have photos!

  11. mup Says:

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