What was left of the Manchester Inn

Ocean Grove’s Manchester Inn was a landmark of the town until it burned down in winter 2010. I was in Chicago at the time, but my parents called to tell me the news, and they mailed me some newspaper clippings about the story. It was a Big Deal.

This is what was left of it by July 2010. I think they’ve cleaned it up better by now, and I’m told there might be new construction starting soon.


Octowoman mural in Asbury Park

In part of an ongoing effort to beautify Asbury Park, they painted some murals in and around the Asbury Park casino. I first saw the murals in spring/summer 2009 (which is when this was taken).

Any tasteful (TASTEFUL) painting with tentacles is okay by me.

Fiddler crab!

Hello fiddler crab!

(He was on the bike path at Sandy Hook. Like Mister Snake, I almost skated over this guy, too.)

Battery Potter from the inside

After taking an initial tour of Battery Potter in 2008, I took a second tour just this past spring (2011). I dunno, I enjoyed it. 🙂

Those things!

I have no idea what these things are called! They’re too small for cattails, they’re too heady for grass, but they’re all over the place in the summer! And they make a pretty photo. That’s what REALLY matters.

The muralist at work!

In July 2010, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a muralist putting the finishing touches on a new mural by the Asbury Park casino.

I think I have photos of the exact wall before it was painted, but I’ll need to find them and re-upload them; I had all my black-and-white photos stored on Zooomr, which permanently went kaput without giving any warning.


I took this yesterday! That’s a lie, it’s totally January in New Jersey. But remember when…?