Monmouth County is in eastern-central New Jersey and is home to some of the famed Jersey Shore. I personally live in Ocean Township, so a lot of my photos will be of Ocean (the yellow area) and its neighboring towns.
Monmouth County Map
(Click the image to see it larger. Map courtesy of Wikipedia.)

The way I usually describe Monmouth County’s location to people is, “You know how the shore of NJ has a little hook in the center? I live right by that hook.”
Monmouth County
(image from

If you want a more detailed map of every square inch of Monmouth County divided into a town or borough or whatever, click here.

Within the context of the entire country, it’s along the shore of the northeast United States. We (usually) have pretty cold winters and pretty hot summers, with a short spring and fall in between. Normal temperate climate. You probably knew that, but hey, I don’t know where states/provinces in any other countries are in relation to each other. (Click to enlarge map.)

US map


2 Responses to “Where is Monmouth County?”

  1. hi Says:

    so true. go monmouth county. those are the true facts you posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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